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Watch Get Played International | Optical Jam #5 June 2nd 2018 from Tiger_J on

Just played this on the stream and I really liked it. I will post a video soon.

A couple of things that would be awesome to see/hear

  • Sound effects when you lose a life
  • Some UI to tell you how much longer is left on the current blue cube
  • more levels!
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I've just seen your stream and am sorry to say that the game files were lost in an unfortunate event so I cant continue development (see devlog for more info) also the first edition was Telepuzzle

EDIT : Might work on a remake after I finish the game jam am working on

It's quite difficult when you have to concentrate on many different things at the same time. I liked the minimalist visual style and the music too. Generally, it's a great idea for a game.

We'd love to have your game in this year's Game Development World Championship!

Nice bossfight, especially like the cracking animation when the boss gets damaged.

When  i lose i live it be nice to get some kind of effect also i somehow won by running of the edge of map (in fullscreen) not sure what happened.

Lastly i seem to keep toggling music by accident, maybe space is not the best key to toggle music, although the music is also nice : )

I agree with hotfeet, but also I think the reason more players get lost about the movement is because you can fall off the map, and the dark blue square would never have been seen, and they'll assume they're the lighter square

Weird, I remember fixing this issue to where it takes you back to the main screen I guess I'll  try to update my game accordingly (I have also responded to hotfeet)

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I couldn't move my character? I'm assuming I am the blue square? If i did get him moving i'm guessing it's a dodge bullet game? I didn't see a fire/attack button listed. Hopefully others have more luck. EDIT: Ok i had another go and I see there is another darker blue square to the left which i managed to get into the middle and dodge some bullets but what is the other light blue square for? I'm a bit lost.

Sorry for the late reply (I just woke up) but I see where your coming from I didn't think to add a how to play section because I had JoleEh playtest it for me and he beat the game on his second try I guess maybe in the future I'll try to explain better what you do in my game